Mindfulness for Adolescents

On Thursday January 26th from 1 to 2pm, please join us for our second installment of the MASBHC Webinars. This month’s webinar,  Mindfulness for Adolescents will focus on discussing mindfulness and how it benefits underserved and marginalized communities. Key takeaways for this webinar will include: the definition of mindfulness, its impact on adolescents, and tips and techniques for teaching and implementing mindfulness in schools.

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Mindfulness for Adolescents is the second of three webinars that MASBHC will host as we lead up to our 2017 Annual Conference, Building Linkages for Healthier Students, to take place on Thursday, May 18th in Columbia, MD. MASBHC’s webinar series is also supported by the Maryland Adolescent Health Collaborative, a partnership between MASBHC and the Amerigroup Foundation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call Yekatit Bezooayehu at yekatit.masbhc@gmail.com or 443.627.3424.

About the speaker…….

Tawanna Kane is a certified yoga teacher and MBSR instructor, who seeks to help individuals and communities, identify and cultivate their internal support systems and resilience. She has created stress reduction and mindfulness curricula for juvenile halls, level III schools and other specialized populations throughout the United States. Her passion is conceptualizing and implementing mindfulness interventions with underserved and marginalized communities. With over 15 years of experience teaching mindfulness, MBSR and yoga, she has served as director of The Lineage ProjectThe Joy Wellness Center at Shepherd’s Clinic and supervised mindfulness-based clinical trials at Johns Hopkins Medical Institution. By placing attention on the heart, she hopes to give people tools to be more present in their lives and with each other. Her relationship and love for children is informed by working for over 20 years in the areas of conflict resolution, peer mediation, theatrical expressions and youth development. Her work is synthesized in The Inner Resources Project, an emerging organization, which sets as its mission to help individuals and communities connect with their own humanity and to learn to be in relation to their community. Tawanna’s work has been featured in American Legacy Woman, Yoga Journal, Ascent Magazine and in several films, including The Fire of Yoga and the documentary, Yoga Comes to Brooklyn.

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