Baltimore City

The following Baltimore City SBHC’s are sponsored by the Baltimore City Health Department. SBHC’s that are noted with an asterisk are sponsored by the Baltimore Medical System. The Rales Center at KIPP Baltimore is sponsored by Johns Hopkins University. Coppin Clinic at St. Frances Academy is sponsored by the Coppin State University.

  • Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts
    1500 Harlem Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21217
  • Carter G. Woodson K-8 SBHC
    2501 Seabury Rd.
    Baltimore, MD 21255
  • City Spring Elementary School
    City Springs Middle School
    100 South Caroline Street
    Baltimore, MD 21213
  • *Collington Square Elementary School
    1409 North Collington Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21213
  • Coppin Clinic at St. Frances Academy
    501 East Chase St.
    Baltimore, MD 21202
  • Digital Harbor High School
    1100 Covington Street.
    Baltimore, MD 21230
  • *Forest Park High School
    6900 Park Heights Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21215
  • *Harford Heights Elementary School
    1919 N. Broadway
    Baltimore, MD 21213
  • Heritage High School
    The REACH! Partnership School SBHC
    2801 St. Lo Drive
    Baltimore, MD 21213
  • The Rales Center at KIPP Baltimore: Ujima Village Academy/KIPP Harmony
    4701 Greenspring Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21209
  • *Mergenthaler Vocational – Technical High School
    3500 Hillen Road
    Baltimore, MD 21218
  • New Era Academy
    2700 Seamon Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21225
  • *Patterson High School
    100 Kane Street
    Baltimore, MD 21224
  • *Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School
    14000 Orleans St.
    Baltimore, MD 21231
  • Coppin Clinic at St. Frances Academy
    501 East Chase St.
    Baltimore, MD 21202
  • *Tench Tilghman Elementary and Middle School
    600 North Patterson Park Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21205
  • *Vanguard Collegiate
    5001 Sinclair Lane
    Baltimore, MD 21206
  • William S. Baer School
    2001 N. Warwick Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21231
  • Booker T. Washington Middle School/Renaissance Academy High School
    1301 McCulloh Street
    Baltimore, MD 21217
  • Kenwood High School SBWC (serving High and Middle River Middle Schools)
    501 Stemmers Run Road
    Baltimore, MD 21221

Somatic health services are provided at each site by the sponsoring agency. Mental health services are provided by the Baltimore City Health Department. Mental health services are provided by outpatient mental health clinics that are part of the Expanded School Mental Health Program, a collaboration between Baltimore City Schools and Baltimore Behavioral Health System.

Baltimore City Health Department Contacts:
Francine Childs
Assistant Commissioner

Courtney Pate, Phd, MSN, RN, FNP-C
Clinical Director

Baltimore City Health Department
1001 E. Fayette St.
Baltimore, MD 21202

The Rales Center at KIPP Baltimore Contact:
Kate Connor, MD, MSPH
Medical Director

Baltimore Medical System Contacts:
Judith Lockett
Programs Manager

Arlene Tyler, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Baltimore Medical System
3501 Sinclair Lane
Baltimore, MD 21213

Coppin Clinic at St. Frances Academy Contact:
Jennifer Pope