Northwood High School

Northwood High School has been particularly successful in tracking students BMI and getting students with a higher than normal BMI, the help they need.


Eduardo after losing 40 lbs!

Northwood had one student, Eduardo, who was in the 99th percentile for BMI, and while there was no family history of heart disease or diabetes, Eduardo’s blood sugar was in the diabetic range. Due to the student’s own motivation and the support he received from the SBHC staff at Northwood, Eduardo began taking part in the afternoon nutrition class at Northwood. As part of their Hallways to Health programming Northwood enlisted Nutrition Educator, Elizabeth Saunders, from the University of Maryland Extension’s Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, to lead a four-week after school nutrition program for students. Through the after school program, Eduardo learned basic nutrition and healthy eating habits.

The after school program started his road to weight loss and exercise. He also received diabetic counseling, monitoring of his labs, as well as monitoring of his weight from Kay Sophar, the Nurse Practitioner at the school based health center. Due to the tools he was given, but more so due to his own determination to make healthier life choices, Eduardo began to increase his daily physical activity and he made a conscious effort to eat vegetables. As a result he began to see changes in his weight and energy levels. Eduardo has managed to drop 40 pounds, decrease his BMI by 6 points, and get his blood sugar back to a normal level.

Ms. Saunders, the Nutrition Educator, had a lot of positive feedback in regards to the Northwood students and their participation in the program:

The classes at Northwood High school were very enriching, students showed interest in the classes and they came to the classes ready to make lifestyle adjustments. Students came to the class each week with reports of what they are doing to make their diets healthy and to be physically active. The food demonstration segment of the class where we try out healthy recipes and taste nutritious foods is always very interesting. Pedometers were given out at the beginning of the series to help students monitor their physical activity. Northwood’s Nurse Practitioner, Kay Sophar, was very cooperative and played a critical role in the nutrition class. University of Maryland Extension Nutrition Educators are always available to work with school based health center.”

– Elizabeth Saunders, Nutrition Educator, University of Maryland’s Extension’s Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program

We are so proud of you Eduardo! Learn more Hallways to Health.

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