education + health = success

The Maryland Assembly is an advocacy organization that promotes school-based health care as a means to advance the belief that all Maryland children and youth have a basic fundamental right to access and receive comprehensive, quality health care.

School-based health care represents an essential strategy toward improving the lives of Maryland’s children and their families and optimizing their ability to become contributing members of society. School-based health care is addresses the unique needs of children and youth and increases access to medical, mental, dental and/or other health related services.

MASBHC biggest initiatives include our participation in Hallways to Health through the School Based Health Alliance, our Annual Conference, and our Advocacy Work. 


The Maryland Assembly on School Based Health Care (MASBHC) is seeking experts to present at our 12th Annual Conference, Building Linkages for Healthier Students. MASBHC’s Annual Conference will take place at The Meeting House in Columbia, Maryland on Thursday May 18th, 2017. We are looking for presentations that will reflect new research and innovation, as well as updates in policy implications for school based health care.

Abstract Submission Guidelines