Bollman Bridge Elementary

The Howard County Health Department in collaboration with the Howard County Public School system and the Howard County Government, opened Howard County’s first school-based wellness center located at Bollman Bridge Elementary School in Jessup, Maryland.

The Bollman Bridge Wellness Center provides preventive and primary health care services to children throughout the school day and is open 5 days a week. The center is staffed by a full-time nurse practitioner, who is the clinician providing the medical services; a full-time medical office assistant that registers patients, performs health measurements, obtains specimens; a full-time licensed social worker who provides mental health services; and physician Dr. Jackie Douge, who oversees the medical care and the program.

All services require enrollment in the program and written consent from the parents and/or guardians. Children of Bollman Bridge staff can also be enrolled and seen. In its first year, the wellness center enrolled 346 children in the program (46% of the school) resulting in a total of 122 unduplicated visits (35% user rate) and 215 visits overall. The wellness center also provides mental health services and thus far, the mental health counselor has held 211 sessions with students. The key to Bollman Bridge’s successful enrollment has been the support of the local county government and the support of of the school principal, Jonathan Davis. Principal Davis saw the need for a wellness center and was instrumental in gearing up support from the staff and the school families.

Bollman Bridge Wellness Center services include:

  • Annual/Camp/Sports Physicals
  • Immunizations (including flu vaccines)
  • Treatment for illnesses: Strep throat, ear infections and more
  • Management of obesity, asthma, and other stable chronic illnesses
  • Behavioral health counseling: sadness, anger and other concerns

For more information on Bollman Bridge Elementary Wellness Center click here

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Do you remember Eduardo?

If you have been following our blog, you know of our Hallways to Health program and you have also heard about Northwood High student, Eduardo.


Well we have a wonderful update on Eduardo! Due to his success in weight loss and healthy living, Eduardo has taken it upon himself to spread the message among his peers as well as on a national level. Eduardo will begin conducting service hours with the Center for Science in the Public Interest to assist  them in creating healthy El Salvadorean recipes. Eduardo will be working with Kate Sherwood. Ms. Sherwood is the culinary director and executive chef of the CSPI in Washington D.C. and she also writes The Healthy Cook recipe page for CSPI’s newsletter, Nutrition Action and is the publication’s culinary editor. CSPI hopes to create cookbooks of healthy ethnic recipes, and they will be starting with El Salvadorean cuisine. Eduardo’s service project is also part of CSPI’s Food Day.

We are so proud of Eduardo for continuing his path to healthy living and we are so inspired that he will be working to make other ethnic communities healthier!

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Northwood High School

Northwood High School has been particularly successful in tracking students BMI and getting students with a higher than normal BMI, the help they need.


Eduardo after losing 40 lbs!

Northwood had one student, Eduardo, who was in the 99th percentile for BMI, and while there was no family history of heart disease or diabetes, Eduardo’s blood sugar was in the diabetic range. Due to the student’s own motivation and the support he received from the SBHC staff at Northwood, Eduardo began taking part in the afternoon nutrition class at Northwood. As part of their Hallways to Health programming Northwood enlisted Nutrition Educator, Elizabeth Saunders, from the University of Maryland Extension’s Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, to lead a four-week after school nutrition program for students. Through the after school program, Eduardo learned basic nutrition and healthy eating habits.

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